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Enter TextThe 2015 KYF Awards Ceremony Winners

Senior Awards for 2015:

Most Outstanding Player- Matthew Gonzales

Offensive Lineman - Cade Miller

Defensive Line- Rogelio Rios

Offensive Player- Gavin Layton

Defensive Player- Tyler Wright-Celaya

Junior Awards for 2015:

Most Outstanding Player - Paul Criado

Offensive Lineman - Davey Pombo

Defensive Lineman - Jordan Perez

Defensive Player - Eric Infante

Offensive Player - Jacob Aviles

Pee Wee Awards for 2015:

Most Outstanding Player - Ashton Chalabian

Offensive Lineman - Jamani Sylvester

Defensive Lineman - Tony Ramirez

Offensive Player - Hector Vasquez

Defensive Player - Dario Zavala Jr.

Mighty Mite Awards for the 2015 season:

CO-Outstanding Player of the Year - Nicholas Grewal & Julien Velez

Offensive Lineman - Nikolas Sierras

Defensive Lineman - Moises Rocha

Defensive Player - Daniel Bibioff