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{}{}{}{}The KYF 2013 Award Ceremony - December 8th, 2013.  

Mighty Mite Awards

          Most Improved:  Logan Melgoza

          Outstanding Lineman:  Anthony Vargas

          Outstanding Defensive Player:  Dario Zavala

          Outstanding Offensive Player:  Hector Vasquez

          Outstanding Player Of The Year:  Ashton Chalabian

Pee Wee Awards

          Outstanding Offensive Lineman:  Marcus Angel

          Outstanding Defensive Lineman:  Davey Pombo

          Outstanding Defensive Player:  Juan Castellanos

          Outstanding Offensive Player:  Julian Zapata

          Outstanding Player Of The Year:  Michael Klein

Junior Awards

          Outstanding Defensive Lineman:  Alejandro Guerrero

          Outstanding Offensive Lineman:  Auston Center

          Outstanding Defensive Player:  Trace Silva

          Outstanding Offensive Player:  Gavin Layton

          Outstanding Player Of The Year:  Andrew Cerros

Senior Awards

          Outstanding Defensive Lineman:  Nathan Covarrubia

          Outstanding Offensive Lineman:  Colton Smith

          Outstanding Defensive Player:  Israel Estrada

          Outstanding Offensive Player:  Pedro Torres

          Outstanding Player Of The Year:  Sean Chambers