Forever Lions


They have moved on - donned different colors, taken on different mascots, but they are forever LIONS - and never forgotten.  Former LIONS now continuing the spirit of Kerman - ONE TOWN, ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM - (*- If you know of other former lions continuing the ‘Dream’ please CONTACT ME with the information)

Kaitlyn Guizar 🏀 Reedley J.C.  Cynthia Montalvo - West Hills J.C 

Breanna Cortez - West Hills J.C.  Sierra Perez - Porterville J.C. 

Lauren Sagariballa - CSU Stanislaus  Mason Layton 🏈Reedley J.C.

 Isaac Gastellum 🏈 Reedley J.C.  Raul Montalvo 🏈 Reedley J.C.

 Nick Brambila 🏈 University of Dubuque, Iowa  Evan Sagariballa ⚾️ Reedley J.C. 

David Rico 🏀 Fresno City  Thomas Camargo ⚾️ Fresno Pacific U.

 Hannah Turner 🏊🏼 Fresno City  Savannah Dungan - Clovis Community 

Sean Chambers  🏈 Wyoming Marcus Davis ⚾️ Fresno City College

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