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KYF vs Madera Ranchos Videos - I will be in Reedley during the PW,  JR and SR games.. thus - unable to film the games.  I do have a backup plan so hopefully I will have film to create the hi-light videos - however, there is a chance I won’t be able to do this.  As of now I believe I will be able to film the MM game.  This same situation will also take place the following weekend for the game with Yosemite.

On The Calendar - Friday Sept. 22 KHS travels to McClane.  Sat. Sept 23 KYF has a home game vs Madera Ranchos.

THIS YEAR’s VIDEOS - KHS JV’s - you are NOT forgotten.  Due to an enormous workload this year I am not able to film and edit videos of all the JV games.  In fact… in the next two weeks I may not be able to film and edit videos for both the KYF Juniors and the KYF Seniors (I’m working on it).  HOWEVER… this last week, Week 4 - YES - and here it is:  Week 4 KHS JV’s vs Kennedy Video HERE.

David Bakholdin

As you are well aware… David Bakholdin photographs each and every Lion’s Friday Night Lights.  With David’s permission I added this photograph which exhibits "KHS Lions Pride” perfectly.  

IT’S HERE ! - Week 4 KYF Plays Of The Week Now Online

Week 4 KYF Hi-Light Videos  - All 4 Videos Now Online

Tri-County Scores & Standings Updated Thru Week 4


They have moved on - donned different colors, taken on different mascots, but they are forever LIONS - and never forgotten.  Former LIONS now continuing the spirit of Kerman - ONE TOWN, ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM - (*- If you know of other former lions continuing the ‘Dream’ please CONTACT ME with the information)  I have added a new page to this website:  FOREVER LIONS Please visit the page to “Comment” on your favorite Athlete and how they, and their team, are doing!

Kaitlyn Guizar 🏀 Reedley J.C. Cynthia Montalvo - West Hills J.C Breanna Cortez - West Hills J.C. Sierra Perez - Porterville J.C. Katelyn Ochoa Lauren Sagariballa - CSU Stanislaus Jackson Garewal 🏈 Fresno City Nick Chambers 🏈 Fresno City Mason Layton 🏈Reedley J.C. Isaac Gastellum 🏈 Reedley J.C. Raul Montalvo 🏈 Reedley J.C. Brandon Smith 🏈 Reedley J.C. Nick Brambila 🏈 University of Dubuque, Iowa Evan Sagariballa ⚾️Reedley J.C. David Rico 🏀 Fresno City Thomas Camargo ⚾️ Fresno Pacific U. Hannah Turner 🏊🏼 Fresno City Savannah Dungan - Clovis Community

SPECIAL NOTICE REGARDING THE 2017 SEASON -  Due to scheduling conflicts not all KYF Games will be filmed this year.  The good news is this:  Most will be.  At this time I cannot say which games will or will not be filmed - I offer my apologies to the players and parents on the teams I will miss this year. 

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